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Bitti offers you an easy, fast and convenient to collect all items for your baby in a baby list system. You will be able always enjoy many advantages, whether they You buy for yourselves, and if you give it away to your relatives or friends.

You only need to gather items for the amount you want. From 700 € onwards you can obtain the following benefits and discounts:

  • Bitti gift check with a discount on the total list when you judge that close. The computation will obtain the following sequence of sections purchase, where you can know that final discount conseguiréis in gift as you may approve finally checks:

    • From 700 € to 999 €: 6.5% discount.
    • From 1.000 € to 1.499 € 7.5% discount.
    • From 1.500 € to older: 10% discount.
  • Choose brands, colors and patterns that you like the most and you will escape being waste time changes, because everything you have chosen as I like to you.
  • Friends and family will be able to make gifts online without scrolling. Or if you prefer you can come to our store to choose your gift list.
  • You will be able to change, modify, to add or remove products when you decide. (Except those that require advance booking).
  • Always you have the updated online list.
  • You will have a free delivery of goods to decide, when you want. This release includes your furniture, stroller and all items you please include.
  • Only in the case of furniture costing less than 500 €, if you wanted the assembly also will have an additional cost of 40 €.
  • The list will always consider everything you buy, either in the store in Barcelona or the online list, from the 700 € initial selection.
  • The list must be open for at least three weeks to receive the final gift certificate and include a minimum of 10 items.
  • You can include all items as you want to without obligation. Bitti only reserved for you the items for which ye subscriber pays and prior signal. Therefore, any gift is not reserved in advance is subject to the availability of the product in bitti or period Delivery of it by the mark.
  • In particular cases, by general pricing in some brand their products will not count for obtaining the total gift check list.

    In any case it will be considered the minimum required account for 10 products and also to increase the amount off the total length of the final list.

    When this is the case, add the item to your list a message you communicate it properly.
  • The list of birth is not combinable with any other promotion that takes place on time in bitti or

For more information contact with

In the following paragraphs you'll find all the information to compile a list, to enter as a parent, relative or friend and to know in detail the terms and conditions.