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Initiation    Produce    Musical crib mobiles    MOBILE SKYDREAM of Nikidom


Ref. 2000  
Price: 69,99 € 48,99 €

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Main color / model: skydream

Availability in: Last units

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Mobile crib shaped sky

Mobile-reassuring cradle Nikidom surround effect of lights, music and beautiful choreography that help relax and / or entertain your baby innovator.
  • Through the innovative use of LED lights that turn on and off in perfect harmony with the pre - programmed melodies, the Mobile-Reassuring Sky Dream gets play an envelope, entertaining and relaxing effect at once, for your baby.
  • The lights on and off creating a choreography that accompanies the 4 original melodies Sky Mobile-Reassuring Dream.
  • The characters come and go and then come back, the dog chases the sheep in one round to the rhythm of music, and all seem to move from one side of heaven to the other amusing your baby with their faces and endearing smiles.
  • The show is set in the canopy, within the field of view of the baby, and not by images projected on the ceiling as with traditional phones, where the eye can not baby.
  • It helps establish a routine when going to sleep and promotes the ability of visual tracking.
  • You can use 4 programmed melodies: 2 relaxing, and 2 with a little more running, for daytime use of mobile-soothing lullabies móvil.Innovador surround effect, replacing traditional crib mobiles. Lights, music and beautiful choreography that help relax and / or entertain your baby.


The current scope of sale of is from Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

For Peninsula and Balearic Islands and for products in stock, the delivery time is 48 to 72 working hours. For deliveries in a shorter period than the one proposed by, bitti should be contacted in order to confirm the possibility of them.

For orders to the Peninsula over € 50 the shipment is free.

For orders under € 50 the standard charge will be € 6.90.

For orders to the Balearic Islands exceeding € 100, shpment is free.

For orders less than € 100, the standard charge to the Balearic Islands will be € 9.



If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have a period of 14 calendar days to return it, counting from the delivery date of the order according to the delivery receipt. (According to Art.44 of Law 7/1996 of January 15 of Retail Trade Regulation modified by Law 47/2002 of December 19).

To do this, the product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging as well as all product documentation. Except in cases of express liability for defect or error by the shipping will always be at the customer's expense.

Once these requirements have been verified, you must contact at the customer service number 934197319 or via e-mail at the email address

At that time the return will be processed and the process to be followed will be confirmed. The cost of the shipment will always be borne by the customer and you will be notified once your request has been processed since its price depends on the product you want to return.

It will not be before verifying that all the established conditions have been met that must make the refund in the bank account that the client will indicate in writing via e-mail to the email address

In the case of wanting to make a change, the customer must manage it by telephone through the customer service number 934197319.

In the case of a defective product will take care of the transport of collection and the new delivery of the product in a space of 24 to 48 hours if it were available in stock. In case of not being available undertakes to inform the client duly of the estimated replacement time. Only in the case of not being able to deliver the product in less than a week with respect to the previously agreed is committed to the refund of the amount.

Only in the event that had the responsibility of the change for causing damage or error in the preparation of the order would be responsible for the collection and replacement costs.

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  • Compatible with all types of cribs, and can be mounted anywhere, even from the head.
  • Wheel and screw adaptable to the vast majority of mounting cradles.
  • Music Box (powered by 4 AA batteries), can also be used independently if one day decide to remove the awning.
  • Includes: canopy, music box, 3 beloved dolls hanging awning, and remote control to turn on or off the Sky Dream Reassuring without having to enter the room and risk waking the baby.
  • LED lights approved for use in children.
  • From 0 months.

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