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Ref. 0445170
Price: 160,00

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Main color / model: Dreamy cloud
Dreamy cloud

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Anti-tilt cushion Cocoonababy

The Cocoonababy®, is a hammock-nest to put the Red Castle baby to bed. Allows you to sleep safely and ergonomically from newborn.
  • It can be used both day and night and helps the newborn to adapt as well as possible to its environment during its first months of life.
  • In the Cocoonababy® the baby adopts a semi-fetal position, with the shoulders and spine slightly curved.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have a period of 14 calendar days to return it, counting from the date of delivery of the order according to the delivery receipt. (According to Art.44 of Law 7/1996 of January 15 on the Regulation of Retail Trade modified by Law 47/2002 of December 19).

In the case of wanting to make a change, the client must manage it by phone through the customer service number 934 197 319 (ext. 2), at that time the return will be processed and the process to follow will be confirmed.

For this, the product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging (otherwise the product suffers a depreciation), as well as all the product documentation. Bitti will refund the consumer the total amount of the purchase, that is, the price of the product. The return shipping costs will be borne by the customer, as specified below.

In accordance with the exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal regulated in RDL 1/2007, the return of those products belonging to the group of car seats (for security reasons), assembled strollers or custom-configured products (personalized) will not be accepted.

Only in the event that was responsible for the change for causing damage or errors in the preparation of the order, would be responsible for the costs of collection and replacement.

Before proceeding with the reimbursement of the consumer's amount, the courier company will collect the product and once it arrives at bitti it will be verified that all the previously mentioned conditions have been met; Then bitti will make the refund in the bank account that the client will indicate in writing via e-mail to the email address within a maximum period of 7-14 days.

The collection costs from the courier company that will collect the product and return it to the bitti warehouse will be borne by the customer unless it is an error or defect of bitti.

In the case of a defective product, will take charge of the collection transport and the new delivery of the product in a space of 24 to 48 hours if it is available in stock. In the event that is not available, it undertakes to duly inform the client of the estimated replacement time. Only in the case of not being able to deliver the product in less than one week compared to the previously agreed time undertakes to refund the amount.

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  • Reduces gastric reflux.
  • It helps to avoid the risk of posterior plagiocephaly, a problem known as "flat head", which is increasingly common nowadays due to the recommended position for laying babies "on their back".
  • Improves the quality and duration of sleep because the baby feels safe, calm and comfortable in the Cocoonababy®.
  • It helps to develop the motor skills of the newborn because it facilitates good coordination between his hands and eyes.
  • Improves the relationship between the baby and his environment. When laying babies on their backs, their gaze is fixed in one direction only. In the Cocoonababy® the child can observe what is in front of him and easily turn his head from one side to the other to follow the objects that catch his attention.
IMPORTANT: For exclusive use on the floor, crib or bed

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